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June 1, 2013
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Rin x Len fanfiction
Sadistic Vampire,
Chapter 14

After a short run, Len finally reached the graveyard.
"RINNNNNN..." he screamed, but there was no answer.
The graveyard was so silent, you could even hear cricket and owls noises. Len didn't liked it at all. He started to walk verry slowly and tryed to pic a Rin's scent. But she was to far to reach and he began to though that she may be dead.
"No... She can't... I promise... I'd save her..." Len said silently." SHE IS NoT GOING TO DIE ON MY WATCH!" He screamed and started to run.
Len was on fire. He didn't know where he was going, he just wanted to see Rin save and alive.
Finally after few minutes, Len picked Rin's scent and fallowed. With a smile on his face, he tryed to run even faster than before.
"RINNN..." He screamed again.
"...Wh-who's there?" Len heard a fimiliar, scared voice.
"R-Rin? It's her, right?" Len stopped running and asked himself.
"I-I'm warning y-you, I have a k-knife." It really is Rin's voice.
"Wh-what should I do? What should I say? She probably hates me right now. I mean, I'm the one who killed her friend, I'm the one who got her into this. I just can't even face her." Len said to himself."But I don't wanna leave her, I should at least apologize and if she won't forgive me, I will get out of her life, for good."
Len took a big sigh and walked to the place where he heard Rin's voice. Rin was behind a small shrine.
"R-rin, it's me, Len." Len said.
"L-Len?" behind the shrine a head poped out.
"Yeah.." Len walked closer to her. "I'm here. Came, we need to get out of here."
"I-I can't"
"Why not?"
"M-Miku passed out. And worse of all, I found a bitemark." Rin started to cry.
When Len finally saw Rin's body, he saw a body lied next to her. It is Miku.
"Rin, you need to stay away from her. She will turn." Len said.
"I don't want to. I don't wanna leave her. I can't let her turn."
"You can't do anything, once she's bite, she will turn." Len grabbed Rin and tried to carry her out, but she pushed him off.
"What's wrong,Len? Can't control the situation?" Rin and Len heard Kaito's voice.
"Where are you, Kaito? Did you bited Miku?" Len screamed angrily.
"It wasn't me." Kaito showed up right in their face." Maybe it was this beast." Kaito pointed at his back. Behing him Neru showed up.
"BLOOD! HUMAN!" Neru screamed like she was nuts.
"Now now, my child. You don't wanna be killed again by Len, now do you?" Kaito said."But you will get your meal soon."
"How can you control her?" Rin asked.
"It's simple. I'm her master. I created her... Now, Neru kill that blonde girl." Kaito ordered adn Neru started to run towards Rin
"Shit, RIN RUN!" Len screamed.
"Take care of Miku." Rin said and started to run.
"I will." Len nodded.
"How dramatic, isn't it?" Kaito smiled.
"Shut up and fight me." Len screamed and began to run towards him.
The pic is not mine!
Ahhh, finally I'm back~! :D
I really missed writing this story. (Damn school didn't let me for a while)
But anyway, it's back and the next chapter will be next week.
Btw guys, I didn't had time to check for mistakes, so I will fix it later (I just really wanted to upload today :D)
So, anyway, enjoy. And I hope you like it :3
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