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May 4, 2013
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Rin x Len fanfiction
Sadisitc Vmapire,
Chapter 13

'Hey, Miku, aren't you tired? You should rest." Rin said, she was carried by Miku for 10 minutes.
"Yeah, maybe for few minutes." Miku said an gently putted Rin on the ground. "How's your leg?"
"I can stand." Rin stood up and tried to walk." Ouch... But it seems I can't walk yet."
"Don't worry, I'll carry until we find the road or anyone else."
"Don't push yourself, Miku. Just stop whenever you need to rest, Okay?" Rin asked.
"Yeah, okay." Miku asnwered. "You're ready to go?"
"You want to go now?"
"Yeah, I just.. I just don't wanna meet Neru." Miku looked down.
"Me neither... But, can't she remember us?" Rin asked.
"No, she can't. Maybe because she needs a lot of blood to get her energy back... Right now, she can kill us, so Neru could live as a vampire. We can't meet her."
"AAAAAHHHHHHH..." Rin and Miku heard a roar. It soundly more like an animals.
"That's her, we need to go." Miku said.
"How do you know it's her, it could be a wild animal." Rin said.
"Rin, she's not a human anymore! We need to get out of here, get on!" Miku yelled. Rin nodded and hopped on her back.
"Blood... Blood... I need blood." Neru yelled.
"Let's go." Miku tried to ran as fast as she could.

While running they heard another roar, it was louder, so anyone who was near the graveyard could heard it. And near that place was Kaito, Piko and Mikuo, who were still holding Len.
"Kaito, who's the fuck is this roar?" Len yelled.
"Didn't you know, that even when your pray is dead you can bring it to the vampire life? I've studied about those poisons all the vampires have and I've discovered how to mix them. That girl Neru you've got us for was my test subject. The subject kinda failed. She lost control for blood and now she's killing everything in her path... I dindn't wanted to harm you Len, but you just coudl't do what I say. You just had to fell in love with her, do you? So now you're going to see how you're beloved's flesh will be ripped by that mosnter" Kaito explained everything and they heard another roar.
"I think, it's almost dinner time, right Kaito?" Mikuo smirked.
"Indeed." Kaito nodded.
"I bet we woudlnt' even find her bones after that." Mikuo laughed.
"You... You... FUCKING BASTARDS. I WILL KILL YOU ALL!!" Len pushed Piko, causing him to fall. And then he punched Mikuo as hard as he could. Mikuo didn't fell like Piko, he punched Len and he felled.
"Not so tough, are you? Oh, boy, you have no idea how long I've been waited for this day." Mikuo smirked.
"Me too." And Len attacked him. He punched and kicked Mikuo countless times, most of them Len missed.
"Hey, Mikuo, I'm going to see if those girls are still alive, can you keep Len here for a while?" Kaito asked.
"You're not going anywhere, Kaito!" Len was trying to punched Kaito, but in his way was Mikuo.
"Don't worry, leave everything to me." Mikuo said and Kaito left.
"You're going to pay, asshole!" Len attacked Mikuo again and again he missed. Len was tired already and Mikuo had his change to attacke him. He kicked Len and he felled.
"Ha, figures. I knew I was stronger then you." Mikuo said.
Len looked at him. His energy was almost gone and he was trying to think of a plan, but nothing couldn't beat Mikuo.
"L-Len.." Piko tried to get up.
"Piko?" Len asked.
"Oi, Piko. Finally you woke up, you pussy. Why don't you stop being a girl and go help Kaito, like a good little servent." Mikuo said. He sounded like Piko was his servent.
"NO!" Piko yelled." I'm tired of being only your shadow. I dont' wanna be a servent anymore, I lived in the darkness for too long and today it's going to end! Len?" Piko looked at Len." I will take care of Mikuo, go and save Rin."
"Are you sure? Don't you want me to help to defeat him?" Len asked, all confused.
"Don't worry, I'll be just fine. When I'm finished, I will help you to defeat Kaito. Now go!" Piko said. Len nodded and started to run.
"No way you're leaving." Mikuo got in Len's way.  But Piko used his ability to run verry fast and punched Mikuo. Mikuo felled and Len ran towards the graveyard.
"I hope I'm not too late." Len said. " Rin... I swear, I'll save you."
The pic is not mine!

Finally, i wrote this chapter. It was hard, since I didn't knew what to write. I was thinking all week and I though I would need more time to write, but On Saturday night I just had a huge idea and wrote this. And I made it longer than I expected!
And by the way I was planning making Piko the good guy from the start! Haha :3
Sorry for my gramer mistakes. Enjoy! ~ ;3
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Sorry for taking so much time to write 14 chapter, but I will try to write it as soon as possible.
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