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April 5, 2013
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Rin x Len fanfiction
Sadistic Vampire
Chapter 11

"Mom, I'm going to Lukas house to study, ok?" Rin asked.
"Sure. Be sure to came back at 10 pm." her mom said.
"Okay, bye." Rin left.
She checked her clock. It says that it's 7:32 the bus will come in 5 minutes. Rin didn't had to hurry, the bus stop was already near her. She sat on the bench and waited for the bus. Rin grabbed her bag and checked things that she brough.
"Phone - check, money - check, knife - check." Rin said in her mind.
She brought a small knife for protection. If they gonna do something bad, she won't be afraid to use it.
The bus came in no time. There were nobody in the bus, but she still sat in the back. Rin felt her phone vibrate she checked and saw that she got a message. It was from Len! But Rin didn't wanted to open the text and see what he wanted. She just putted her phone back in the bag.
The trip to the forest was long, it took 20 minutes. When she got out at the last stop, she checked her clock again. It was almost 8. Rin walked to the same place, where she was camping with her friends.
"It should have been a great weekend, but it turned really, REALLY bad." Rin said in her minded. "Anyway, where are they?"
"Hello, Rin." From the dark woods a man with blue hair came out. "We were waiting for you."
"Where's Miku?" Rin yelled, trying not to show any fear.
"Man, you're tough. As for Miku, I'm not quite sure if she's okay." Kaito smirked.
"What have you done to her? Where the hell is she?!" Rin yelled again.
"Everything will be explain. Boys, you can came out now."
From a diferrent direction came 3 man, 2 of them were holding one guy that he won't escape.
"Wait a minute, that's Piko, Mikuo and... L-Len?!" Rin said.
"Let me go, you bastards!" Len was trying to get free. "RIN!" Len spotted Rin.
"Len." Rin said.
"Isn't it romantic, right Kaito?" Mikuo laughed with a pain in his face, because he was trying to hold Len still.
"Verry... Now that everybody is here we can begin." Kaito said.
"Don't you dare to even touch her, Kaito." Len yelled.
"Don't worry, I won't do anything to her. Now Rin, tell me, what do you know about Len?" Kaito asked. "You think he's like the other boys in your class?"
"W-what do you mean?" Rin asked.
"KAITO, STOP IT!" Len screamed.
"Rin, he's not like everyone else." Kaito walked towards Len and forcefully opened he's mouth. Everyone could clearly see Len's fangs." He's a vampire - a beast in human form."
Rin gasped. All this time she was in love with the most dangerous creature in the world. The one, who can kill her.
"We are all vampires: Me, Mikuo, Piko and Len." Kaito said. "And he's the one who killed you're friend."
"W-WHAT?! N-NERU?!"Rin began to cry.
"You've really messed things up, Len." Mikuo said.
"R-Rin, I'm sorry. It's all true. I'm a vampire and I'm the one who killed Neru." Len said looking down, he wasn't trying to escape anymore.
"Don't you worry child. You will meet your friend verry soon." Kaito said.
"W-what d-do you m-mean by t-that?" Rin asked , while sobbing.
"It sounded like... MIKU? MIKU!" Rin screamed.
"What's going on, Kaito?" Len asked with anger
"You will see. Rin, hurry up." Kaito said and with the guys he disapeared in the woods.
"RRINNNNN!" Rin heard Len's voice echoing all over the woods, she didn't know where they went. But she knows what she need to save Miku and fast. So she began to run to the cementary.
The pic is not mine!
asdf sorry for not uploading anything in two weeks! I had so much on work on my vacation, that I didn't had time to write this chapter (Also, because I was lazy) So sorry!
And I want to say that I might not upload next one next weekend, because my grandparents will be maried 55 years next Saturday. And my family is gonna party hard (As for me I will be bored T.T) But it might chance, so I don't know.
Finally Len told Rin about his secret.. Actually Kaito said it, but at least she knows! Next time you will see where is Miku and why she was screaming.
Sorry for my mistakes. Enjoy :3
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